Northwest Pool And Spa


  At Northwest Pool and Spa we carry only the highest quality products on the market. That is why if you come to our store you will only find one manufacture of each type of product. We did not want to carry for example 2 or 3 different brands of tablet chlorine. We carry only GLB. This is a professional grade chlorine that me be a few dollars more but you will use less of it. This means a savings for you in the long run.

Pool products

-GLB chemicals
-Tara pool liners
-Waterway pumps,filters,chlorine feeders
-Raypak heaters
-Tara safety covers
-Natural chemistry
-and much more
Hot tub products

-GLB Rendezvous chemicals
-Sunstar replacement covers
-Leisure Concepts cover lifters and steps
-and much more

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